fldigi alpha test version posted


At http://www.w1hkj.com/alpha/fldigi/

73, David, W1HKJ

Thu Oct 31 07:36:00 2019 - alpha

Recent changes:

  Rx monitor
    * add monitor audio stream to allow user to listen to unprocessed Rx audio stream
    * add Rx audio stream filter
    * create separate Rx Audio dialog
      - open on View menu pull down


 Combo Box behavior
    * add scrollwheel action to combo/list box behavior
    * add widget Fl_Group::do_callback() to event handler
    * correct FreqControl handler for scrollwheel

  cw prosigns
    * allow user to select cw prosign display
      - long view, <SK> <BT> ...
      - short view, as prosign short cut key defined on the CW prosign config' tab

  RTTY bell
    * enable BELL, visual and audible for TTY decoder
    * pass BELL, \a, and CR, \r to xml rx data stream
    * add RTTY bell waveform file
    * add user configuration controls to disable BELL annunciation
    * fixed Windows alert failure
    * added ctrl-shift-g to special character group to insert
      the <BEL>, 0x07 character into the transmit text
      - hold control and shift down and press g multiple times
        for a string of <BEL> insertions
    * clean up trailing edge of phone ring
    * implement separate thread for handling mp3 and wav file playback.
      - removes dr_mp processing from main thread
      - prevents main thread locking during mp3/wav file processing

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