Re: fldigi alpha version posted


Still waiting for you file Charles.  In the meantime you can use these two to test wav and mp3 playback on your system:

73, David, W1HKJ

On 10/28/19 12:31 PM, Charles Hargrove wrote:
I just created a capture.wav file, converted it to MP3, with same results.

On 10/28/2019 1:16 PM, Charles Hargrove wrote:
That is exactly what I do.  I edit the Newsline MP3 file in Audacity and
it indicates 44100 Hz and 32 bit float.  Is there any limitation on the
size  of the file or the filename?

On 10/24/2019 9:20 PM, Dave wrote:

Try using Audacity to convert a wav to mp3.  The only requirement for the mp3 is that is be 32 bit float format.


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