Re: Flmsg as a Stand-Alone Forms Application

Pete Thuotte

I thought I might find some posts of yours here!
So, you are familiar within my issue. Messages come through my BBS, using Winlink Packet as attachments, in .xml format. I need to import/drop & drag convert ?.. into FLMSG  to send to local teams in the field via VHF, using FLDIGI (flmsg). They have no access to Winklink Packet or Packet. only VHF FLDIGI. I been doing it by "copy paste" the contents of the attachments into Blank form, and sending it that way. the formatting information is also copied along with the message. 
How to make use of that formatting information to deliver a professional looking message, in it's original format, to the end user is my question.
It may have been answered already but, I have not previously dove to this level of the software (Operator, not well educated on the software)\ and only begun to search this group's messages for help.
Thanks in advance.

73's, Pete N1ZRL

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