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I installed fldigi- last week on a windows xp system.  I am finding that macros with inline commands are either hanging or getting out of sequence.  For instance if I try to send short bits of text using 3 different modes the macro will either start and send the first of 3 parts or get out of sequence and send all 3 parts but with the modes jumping out of the correct order. Less frequently a mode will stall in transmit with no text attached.  A sure way to demo this is to run this macro and do escape to cancel after the first modem.  Then restart and the modems will be out of order.  Canceling again will rotate the modems one more down the sequence on the next restart.  It would appear the buffer for the inline commands does not clear on a cancellation. 


Macro text:


Test of psk500rc2




Test of psk500rc3




Test of psk500rc4







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·         README.txt

·         fldigi-

·         fldigi-

·         fldigi-

73, David, W1HKJ
alpha Sun Oct 20 17:52:40
  mingw mods
   * modifications to accommodate changes in mingw libraries and headers
  RTTY bell
    * enable BELL, visual and audible for TTY decoder
    * pass BELL, \a, and CR, \r to xml rx data stream
    * add RTTY bell waveform file
    * add user configuration controls to disable BELL annunciation
  MinGW mods
    * changes imposed by changes to gcc and mxe components
  CW International Chars
    * Add mp3 decoder for mp3 files
      - uses public domain decoder drmp3
      - Audio playback, and
      - Alerts
    * Allow CWID execution at specified position in macro text
    * Modify macro tag <TIMER:nnn> to always start when state changes from Tx to Rx.
    * Add <# comments> tag.  Works same as <COMMENT:comments> tag
    * Correct coding for proper operation of <SKED:..., <TIMER:...
      and <REPEAT...> tags.
    * Implement <UNTIL:hhmm[ss]:[YYYYMMDD]> macro tag
      - halts macro at specified date/time when either <REPEAT>,
      or <TIMER:nn> are specified in the macro text.
  Xmt Audio file
    * Add ability to transmit an audio file using new macro tag: <AUDIO:path-filename>
      - macro editor opens an OS select file dialog
        when the tag is selected from the pick list
      - suggested use:
        or modem type of choice
    * Audio file must be wav format, either mono or stereo any sample rate
      * Returning to Rx stops current and any pending audio
        playback.  Post Tx macro tags are then executed.
        T/R button or Escape key will abort the playback.
    * Please use responsibly - know and understand your
      license limitations for transmitting audio files,
      especially music and/or copyrighted material.
    * Correct test for no output device
      - do not use pa error handler
    * Add ability to select the pa device for
      alerts output
      - was using default device
      - detect device default sample rate
      - convert all sound files to def sr using fastest sinc converter
    * Change output to use pa callbacks
  Data file update
    * Update/correction to file NAVTEX_stations.csv
      - contributed by N2RY
  flrig freq/mode
    * Change order of sending frequency and mode to mode then frequency

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