Re: [winfldigi] fldigi alpha version posted


Thank you for the kind words Bo.

I'm getting ready to post .24 later today with a few additional RTTY enhancements.  The <BEL>, 0x07 character decode has been in the request loop for a long time.  It's implementation required the audible alert to work correctly.  Now that it does I'm add a <BEL> short cut key for the Tx widget keyboard entry: control-shift-g.  The complete list of control-shift keys will then be:

    control-shift-c  : <CALL>
    control-shift-m  : <MYCALL>
    control-shift-n  : <NAME>
    control-shift-r  : <RST>
    control-shift-l  : <MYLOC>
    control-shift-h  : <MYQTH>
    control-shift-a  : <ANTENNA>
    control-shift-g  : <BEL> 0x07

I'm pretty sure that there aren't many fldigi users who are even aware of the short cut list.  BTW those short cuts also apply to modes like PSK-31 etc.  So you can give your early morning PSK-31 QSO partner a wake up call with a series of <BEL>s.


On 10/23/19 9:30 AM, Bo W4GHV wrote:
Dave, how do you do it?  Do you realize how many and how much you have impacted with your genius?
A bell for RTTY, eh?  How about some Model 15 noises for the background to go along with what I call the RTTY MUSIC?
Looking forward to trying out the new features!

A great big THANK YOU from millions all over the world.
73, Bo W4GHV since '54

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