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Pi3/4 Stats Monitor

Version 1.01.00

pistats samples and displays various operating parameters of both the Pi3 and Pi4 series of computers.
  • CPU temperature at 1 second intervals.
  • CPU load percentage
  • Raw data from the /proc/stat file
  • Interpreted data from the /proc/stat file
  • Processed output from the program 'top' every NN seconds
  • Raw data from the lscpu command
The data is displayed in text and graphic format:
  • CPU in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • CPU clock frequency in GHz
  • CPU load in percent
  • Top output, configurable list of processes
  • proc/stat contents
  • lscpu output
  • CPU in degrees Celsius.  The temperature scale origin and range can be set by the user.  The time scale duration can be set by the user.
  • CPU percentage, 0 ... 100 percent.  Time scale synchronized to the CPU temperature plot
The graphic scales can be changed without the need to reset the graph.

The program can write the data to a text file, which is a spreadsheet compatible CSV file:
Sec  Min Temp Freq % total  % core1   % core2   % core3   % core4
During operation a small indicator will flash WHITE/RED in the lower left corner at a 1 second interval.

The dialog can be resized; including maximum screen display.  The initial dialog size is larger than the minimum width/height allowed.

User can set the graph colors, background, grid, and foreground/data-line.  The graphic data normally scrolls right to left.  The user can reverse for left to right scrolling.

Program remembers position, width, height, and user set parameters between uses.

Download source pistats-1.01.00.tgz

Download README

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