What's best way to view/review info from daily RX/TX caputred log files?

Bob B

I'm looking for a way to more easily "rescue" partially received transmissions
that don't get a full copy for display in FLMSG. 

I've got Log RX/TX on and can open these .log files in Notebook.

I don't think I'm navigating the logging tools correctly.

I'm sensing there is big difference between the contesting log material I'm messing with
and a good method to retrieve usable data from daily-captured RX/TX pane .log log files.

Is there a tool to view FLDIGI daily RX/TX capture logs other than Windows Notepad? 

The manual discusses contesting-related logging and I'm bumbling into there a bit
but not finding any utility that works to retrieved data RX logs... 

I'm an em-comm user running on 2m and 220 on MT63 2000L with ICS 213s.


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