Re: fldigi setup on TS-130S


Regarding bringing out audio and PTT signals for fldigi, etc:
Sorry I have no pictures of my TS-130S modification to bring out audio signals for fldigi, etc.  The service manual is available on-line (Google finds several locations) and a study of the schematic diagram and board layout of the IF unit will help anyone find the referenced locations if you know what to look for..
Yes it takes a little patience to find the locations on the drawings and then on the actual unit but all the parts are old-style and do not require microscope vision to find them.  Only normal soldering skills (not surface mount) are required to do the job.  A magnifying hood visor helps.
I ran the cables out through a hole in the back panel and the MiniDIN6 connector is mounted in a small cast aluminum box.  This similar to what I have done on a number of old functionally obsolete VHF transceivers for packet and APRS beacons which I suppose could also serve for fldigi on VHF.
John, W6FQX

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