Re: fldigi setup on TS-130S

Harry Bloomberg

What frequency were  you on?  These look like FT8 signals.  See my attached screenshot from Fldigi of FT8 signals...they look similar to yours.

Harry Bloomberg  W3YJ

On Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 7:51 PM N4GRC <grc405@...> wrote:

Attached is screen shot of signals.  Most of what I see online show signals as different.

I did have this working about 6 months ago, but have not had time to look at it again until recently.  Some settings have changed, but I have no idea what.

As for "disk that came with Signalink", there was not one, and I have been on many of the websites trying to get info.

Also, I read both ways, that the Signalink is to be set as the default playback and recording device in Sounds -- and that it is NOT to be the default.  Either way I set it, I stilll do not see improvement of signals.

Graphic below.  Still nothing but jibberish.  Also, sound levels are on the green diamond as good (not yellow or red)

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