Re: AndFlmsg comparison; three radios (one with interface) and three android devices 20190929

Ole Helgerson KI7MBR

20191006 update.

I am now thinking that for communicating with AndFlmsg,  audio connection (MT6300_LG) between a radio and Android device is potentially the least error prone as well as being least costly (at least with my radios).  Here's why. 

Had a few minutes to further test the BaoFeng UV5X3 with; Easy Digi, the BaoFeng APRS-K2 cable and audio connection. (Note; I checked the two Android units (Nokia phone, Samsung 6' tablet) for sending and receiving with each other by audio connection.  One-hundred percent ok.)

Easy Digi.  The Nokia phone and the Samsung tablet were swapped out with each as signal source and end point.  Re reception, nothing showed up on the attached Android unit (despite the radio LED indicating a signal).  But Easy Digi sent text and forms just fine swapping the  Decided to again test the APRS-K2 cable. 

APRS-K2.  VOX worked almost.  Again static bursts like a mic being keyed about every 1 second and no message received.  Keying the mic, produced better, but still mixed results.   Text messages were usually incomplete, missing about the first line of a three line message.  And I started to hear a three-tone sequence (e.g.C-A-D)  at the end of the RSID when sending the Android signal through the radio.  this tone seemed absent when communicating Android to Android,  Forms transmitted ok, though one produced an error message

Phone only.  Text messages and forms letter perfect; both directions with the BaoFeng ht and the Alinco and Nokia and Samsung.

I am suspecting that something unique in the circuitry with the BaoFeng and possibly the Easy Digi is causing the total lack of connection and the partial transmissions or receptions. What it might be exceeds my meager knowledge of things electrical. Because the Baofeng's VOX does not seem to want to work quite right,  it is going back to the factory.  Maybe the next unit will work better.

Hope this is useful.

73, KI7MBR Ole

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