Turn key NBEMS station


I will be posting this on QTH.com in a day or two, but thought there might be an interested group member.

All equipment 100% functional and in like-new condition:

Icom 7200
LDG AT-100Pro Autotuner with 7200 control cable.

Pi-3 in Dual Fan Armor Case (extruded aluminum)
5v 3 Amp power supply with on/off switch
120 GB ssd in extruded aluminum enclosure
32 GB SIM (Raspbian boot)
USB keyboard and mouse.
3 foot HDMI cable

The Pi-3 comes fully loaded with all of the latest NBEMS software, compilers, etc.  It boots from the SIM and then the OS runs off of the solid state drive.  You only need supply an hdmi monitor or TV.

I will be asking $875 shipped.  I am not interested in splitting.  Photos are available.

73, Dave, W1HKJ

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