Re: GEO satellite for the Americas

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Talk to AMSAT and propose a geo sat. It’s already in their long term goals.

Even better, join and support the effort.


Perry K4PWO

AMSAT #39281


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Subject: Re: [nbems] GEO satellite for the Americas


With dismal HF conditions of late...

VHF/UHF might be the only reliable radio links in the affected area.

The aggregator gets dropped in onto a high point (parachute or helicopter.)

These VHF/UHF feeds now get uplinked to the GEO sat, then downlinked to the ops center, hundreds of miles away.

Go-teems with the necessary ex military skills will be needed for this.


These are the operating conditions of THIS proposal.

We really need our own ham band only GEO sat or two.

Then go-teems can uplink and downlink direct.



On Oct 4, 2019, at 5:42 AM, Dennis Zabawa <kg4rul@...> wrote:

"Excellent Emcomm use in the mean time."

This proposal brings nothing to the table for actual "Emcomm" operations.  IF you have the means to move content to the aggregator for transmission from the satellite, WHY do you need a satellite at all for "Emcomm"?  

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