Re: AndFlmsg comparison; three radios (one with interface) and three android devices; update #2 20190930

Ole Helgerson KI7MBR

Had some time this morning to complete testing the UV5X3 with its APRS-K2 cable; e.g receiving messages.

Set up.  Transmit from the Icom T70 connected speaker-to-mike with the Nokia phone; receive with the UV5X3 connected with the APRS-K2 cable to the Samsung tablet.  Units separated by about 12 inches on table top

Results.  The first few tries provided sporadic reception. Then remembered to check the volume setting on the sending Android.  Problem; it was full power.  Tried ~1/3 power, worked a treat, as did ~3/4 full power.

Conclusions.  The APRS-K2 interface cable seems to provide a low cost way of interfacing a Baofeng (or perhaps similar) radio with an Android device.  Costing about $20 ready to go, it is a minimalist approach and a bargain compared to about $40 for the Easy Digi (which has yet to work with the UV5X3) and $100+ for a full on TNC. It will be interesting to see whether the APRS-K2 interface can be adapted to connect with the old Linux laptop running Fldigi or the Windows 10 desktop running Fldigi and Winlink.  That would be way cool.

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