Re: Fldigi & Paspberry PI - Pause on Mode Change



You need to join  You will find many Pi3 / fldigi users there.  Someone will most like have a nearly identical setup.  What transceiver and how interfaced to fldigi?


On 9/24/19 5:03 PM, Bill wrote:
I am going to reply to my message to bump it to top again.

Is anyone here running fldigi on the Raspberry PI?

If so, have you noticed a pause (almost like the program has frozen)
when a mode change occurs?  Doesn't happen every time, but often
enough that I will miss the fldigi message.  The pause i about 5 seconds long
and then the program continues normally.

I have compiled many versions of fldigi, including the latest alpha versions.
It happens on all versions I have tried.

I also have compiled it on the new Raspberry PI 4, 2GB & 4GB, and it
also happens.

Under normal use, most people wouldn't notice this since most qso's are
not doing a lot of mode switching.

I participate on a weekly  Digital Education net which is over a repeater.
During the net, we experiment with a lot of modes, thus the mode change
is occurring a lot during the net.

Is anyone here using the PI and could you please experiment with it
and see if you experience the same pause?


Smithville, NJ

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