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At http://www.w1hkj.com/alpha/fldigi/

      * Allow CWID execution at specified position in macro text
      * Modify macro tag <TIMER:nnn> to always start when state changes from Tx to Rx.
      * Add <# comments> tag.  Works same as <COMMENT:comments> tag
      * Correct coding for proper operation of <SKED:..., <TIMER:... and <REPEAT...> tags.

Xmt Audio file
      * Add ability to transmit an audio file using new macro tag: <AUDIO:path-filename>
        - macro editor opens an OS select file dialog when the tag is selected from the pick list
        - suggested use:
          or modem type of choice
      * Audio file must be wav format, either mono or stereo any sample rate
      * Returning to Rx stops current and any pending audio playback.  Post Tx macro tags are then executed.
        T/R button or Escape key will abort the playback.
      * Please use responsibly - know and understand your license limitations for transmitting audio files,
        especially music and/or copyrighted material.

Macro changes and audio file transmit changes tested using the file Fox_1_Acive.wav, a short voice announcement sampled at 8000 samples/sec, and equalized in amplitude and bandwidth.


<# schedule macro to start at 1900 Z >
<# tone, clock ticks & QPSK at 1000 WF freq > 
QST -- ***RWK HUNT***
FOX sponsor       : [name of sponsor]
FOX location      : [use 5K coordinates]
Transmit interval : 1 minute
Transmit count    : <SERNO><INCR>
<# after two seconds silence, send audio file >
<# send cw identifier at 600 Hz>
<# cw @ 24 WPM ><WPM:24>
<# repeat macro every 5 minutes >

Note the use of <# ... > comment lines. 

73, David, W1HKJ

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