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You might also try 40m on 7072.5, USB, plus 1500 Hz if 30m is dead, or 80m at 3582.5, USB,plus 1500 Hz if 40m does not work out. These frequencies are just above the PSK31 activity and where it is suggested that PSK63 activity take place.

The problem on HF is that the F-layer and D-layer keep changing with the time of day. A good NVIS explanation is here:

Travis, my 40m antenna coax turned out to have opened. I have now replaced it, and should be OK on 40m next time. You were S8 and Q5 here on 30m until the band dropped out, and then you went first to S2, and finally into the noise, even with MFSK16.

Since 30m is limited to data modes or CW, unless there is Pactor interference, a QSY in steps of 200 Hz is probably enough to reach a clear frequency and would have the advantage that others will still see you on the waterfall.

73 Skip KH6TY
NBEMS Development Team

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Thanks to all who sent me e-mail. In accordance with Skip's suggestion
I will be calling CQ NBEMS (instead of beaconing as initially stated)
using PSK63 (instead of MFSK16 as initially stated) at 0100Z on 10137
plus 1.5 audio for the next week or so. After contact is established
we can try beaconing and then procede to attempt some test file
transfers. I suggest that we drop down in increments of 2 khz if 10137
is busy.


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