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At http://www.w1hkj.com/alpha/fldigi

Note: Exercising the "alerts" test button could cause fldigi to either lock up or crash.  This was observed on Pi3 / Pi4 with Buster OS, and on my Think Center M90 desktop.  The alerts code was expecting to use the default system audio output device.  It was also expecting that device to support a sample rate of 8000 samples / sec.  Many newer computers have sound card hardware that only support 32000, 44100, 48000 sps.

If you test the changes to the alerts code please report both failure and success.  Include information on OS and sound card h/w.

The sound card set up tab includes the alerts device selector:

      * Correct test for no output device
        - do not use pa error handler
      * Add ability to select the pa device for alerts output
        - was using default device
        - detect device default sample rate
        - convert all sound files to def sr using fastest sinc converter

    flrig freq/mode
      * Change order of sending frequency and mode to mode then frequency

    Fltk 1.4.x
      * Change to startup resize on MacOS built against fltk-1.4.x

    Wefax autosave
      * Change max lines to counter min=1000, max = 1000

    Update check
      * correct logic for update checking

      * Fix wefax AFC computation / application
        - incorrect computation of center frequency
      * Disallow audio stream playback on WEFAX
        - not compatible with HAMFAX class decoder
      * Remove status display messages
        - state changes still logged to event log
      * Force ".png" file extension on saved images
      * wefax code cleanup

73, David, W1HKJ

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