Re: .MP3 Files and FLDigi


If it's possible, I want to transmit an mp3 audio file. I know FLDigi will do .WAV files but can't figure out how to do mp3...


I'm still a little confused.

Do you wish to transmit an MP3 file, such as a song, to someone
so that they can play the mp3 file and listen to the song?

Or, do you wish to create an audio stream of the FLDigi output and
then play that stream back and have FLDigi transmit it? 

FLDigi can PLay back WAV files.  MP3 can be converted to WAV for

But playing back a file and having FLDigi transmit it is more difficult.

In the past I have used AudioPaint program to create large text in the waterfall.
The program generates a Wav.  The only way I could send it was to have a
program play it back and route the audio to the SignalLink.  The VOX on the
Signallink would then key the radio.  I haven't found a direct way to do it directly
within FLDigi.  Note - this was done on a repeater, so bandwidth was not a problem.
I was checking in to a local Digital Education Net.
Following is example of what would be received:

I agree.  It would be great to have a Macro command that would xmit a WAV or MP3 of FLDigi audio.
That way you could pre-record bulletins and send then out.  I know that this can be
done just using a text file.  But it might open up some other uses.


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