Re: Fldigi & Paspberry PI - Pause on Mode Change

Randy Davenport

O am interested in the raspberry pi and fldigi. I am disabled and low income. Im looking for s pi with screen. Can some one help me out?
Randy ka4nma

On Sun, Aug 18, 2019, 12:33 PM Bill <bjbuzzcat@...> wrote:

I’ve been a longtime user of the FLDigi suite of programs.

Mostly use it with a windows computer.


But I have several Raspberry PI’s set up with the FLDigi suite.

They work great with one small quirk.


I’ve noticed that sometime during a Mode Switch (Ie, from MSK32 to BPSK125),

there is a pause of about 15 seconds and then the program continues.

This can occur when sending or when receiving.

It does NOT occur every time and it also does NOT always occur on the

same mode switch.  So I can’t make it repeat.


When it happens on send, you try to send, system pauses for 15 seconds,

no transmit during the pause, then the mode switches and program

transmits the message.


When it happens on receive, you receive the mode switch ID, system

pauses for 15 seconds, and then continues to operate normally.  Of course

by that time you have missed the first part of the message and quite often the

entire message.


Things I have tried:


Recompile the latest source.

Switched from PI3 to PI3 Plus.

Lock the PI in Turbo mode.

Yesterday I re-compiled on the new PI4.

Also tried the FLDigi that is in the Buster Repository.


All to no avail.  Still get the pause sometimes on mode switch.


Question:  Am I missing something in the Compile Options –

should I be setting any special switches?


Is there something happening during the mode switch that

would cause FLDigi to pause.


Appreciate any help.






Smithville, NJ


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