flmsg 4.0.14 release


Posted at http://www.w1hkj.com/files/flmsg/

and on Source Forge.   Updated git master branch on Source Forge to 4.0.14.

Version 4.0.14 * Maintenance Release

  * added xmprpc thread isolation for x86_64 OS-X

Version 4.0.13 * Maintenance release

  * change keep alive interval processing
    - fldigi will timeout after 500 msec
    - send flmsg_online xmlrpc method every 400 ms

Version 4.0.12 * Maintenance release

  * This reverts commit 1d5cdd2e84295068f1c8271e71a0ce0c6ab8885c.
    - Caused intermittent AutoSend failure on Windows platforms

73, David

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