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Tested on macOS 10.14.5.  No issues with the waterfall.  Total system load is less than 8.5 % with both flrig and fldigi executing.


On 7/23/19 5:57 PM, Dave wrote:
That is not happening on my MacOS 10.13.6 system.  I will test later on 10.14.x

At some point it might be necessary for you to learn how to build from source.  Several other OS-X / MacOS users have been very successful using these instructions:


On 7/23/19 5:42 PM, Lumyn wrote:

Hi Dave!

I've installed this latest version.

All works fine but.... when you move the cursor in the waterfall, the waterfall freeze exactly as it happened in the past but in the old versions you had solved it ....

Can you solve this annoying problem?


Il 23/07/19 19:36, Dave ha scritto:

and Source Forge.  Source Forge git repository master branch updated to 4.1.06 source.

Version 4.1.06 * Maintenance release

    * update to support WPM potentiometer
    * update to enable/disable keying ptt

  FD server disconnect
    * disable connect to FD server after 10 consecutive failures to connect.

    * fix warnings in gcc 7.x

  Warnings etal
    * code change to suppress fl_digi.cxx compile warnings on Fedora 30/64
    * Jalocha mfsk C++ templates
      - change alloc/free to new/delete
    * 'prettied' all jalocha template header files

73, David, W1HKJ

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