Re: Rcvd Msgs


On 7/22/19 10:44 AM, Mike Cohen wrote:
Follow up to my question and your replies:
Checking or unchecking Transfer direct to executing flmsg made no difference.
Uninstalled fldigi 4.1.05 and installed previous versions back 4.1.02 and still no change.
Uninstalled flmsg 4.0.10 and installed previous versions back to 4.0.8 and checking / un-checking made the difference.
Updated fldigi to 4.1.05 and with flmsg 4.0.8, checking / un-checking made the difference.
Using 64 bit Windows 10 Home, Version 1803.
Will stay with flmsg 4.0.8 until cause of issue is resolved.
Thanks, as always, for all your help and guidance.
Mike - AD4MC

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