Re: Rcvd Msgs

Al Womelsdorf

An interesting wrinkle to this is if you do not check this box, then every (correct) message will open a new instance of flmsg, as Ron states. However, if yo DO have it checked, the the FIRST message received will open one (1) instance of flmsg, and populate it with the message. The second received message will open the Rcvd Msgs window, and enter the message in that window. Further messages will not open any more windows, and will add to the list in Rcvd Msgs. Note that the first message received is not in the list (Rcvd Msgs) at all, so if you view a different message, and then wish to go back to the first message, you are out of luck and have to open a file browser of some kind. If, however, you had manually opened an instance of flmsg before any messages are received, then ALL messages get listed in the Rcvd Msgs window. Also note that for some reason, configuring fldigi to automatically start flmsg (like it does for flamp) does not work (Bug?).

My personal preference would be for fldigi to (optionally) open flmsg, just like flamp, and then all messages will get listed in the Rcvd Msgs window and can be viewed at will.

73,  Al  KD2PNR

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