Rcvd Msgs

Mike Cohen


A long time ago there was no Rcvd Msgs popup and new instances of flmsg would open with each received message.  Then Rcvd Msgs was created and all new messages were listed in Rcvd Msgs, but no new instances were opened.  The North Fulton (GA) ARES (NFARES) has members who strongly like one or the other.  With the latest versions of fldigi and flmsg, we cannot find the setting(s) that will enable Rcvd Msgs to populate without opening additional instances of flmsg.  (Yes, we have read the manual, but have missed it if it is there. ;-)  If there is an option to select using Rcvd Msgs without opening separate instances of flmsg, please let us know.

Thanks and 73,
Mike - AD4MC (for NFARES)

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