FLMSG Default File Name: ICS 213 form - Response function


Greetings FLMSG / NBEMS users:  I'm perplexed by something that happened in a recent NBEMS net and hope someone can explain what happened.

Original Message:  sent on a standard FLMSG ICS 213 form, asked net participants to use the "Response" function on the form to provide information as a drill.  Participants were instructed to rename the FLMSG file containing their response, (i.e.,click on the Response tab of the form, type a response, give the file a new name then send it to the net.)

Reply Message:  One of the participants isn't sure what he did to save or name the file he transmitted in response.  The file he transmitted came through with the file name:  [his call sign][date][time].213reply

Please note the word 'reply' added to the file name extension.
How did this happen?  The operator swears he didn't manually type in the word reply.  I caught it and asked him immediately after he transmitted the message.  However I cannot replicate this ('reply' being added to file extension) in tests sending messages back and forth between two computers.  Any ideas any of you have would be welcome!

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