flmsg / ARC forms


The internal ARC forms were removed because they are obsolete.

I defer to all decisions regarding flmsg/ARC requirements to:

Jim participates in this forum.  Please coordinate your specific area requirements with him.

Some participants in a recent ARC drill sponsored by ARRL/ARC were using these obsolete forms.  That prompted the internal form removal and the recent update to flmsg.

ARC members maintain the flmsg authorized ARC custom forms.  For the ARC convenience I store those forms on Source Forge and my personal web site.  I do not manage the form content or design.  Access to those forms for download is made easy by the internal ARC forms selection being replaced by a browser link to the forms stored either on Source Forge or my personal web site, http://www.w1hkj.com/files/flmsg/templates/.  Please do not add to the confusion by telling the list that templates and custom forms are not the same.  I am aware of that distinction.  A future release will place the ARC custom forms in it's own unique directory at both web locations.

73, David, W1HKJ
flmsg developer

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