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At least here in PA ( a Commonwealth state), damage assessments are done locally, at the County Level, and at the State level depending on scope and severity.  Who does the assessment is primarily the responsibility of someone in emergency management.

This is based on accountability to the community and for resource and impact assessments for disaster declarations and such that trigger state and federal funding for response and recovery activities.


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Thanks for that info.

Are you suggesting the FEMA IA Street Sheet should replace it?

Is there anyone that can speak to the damage assessment that is taking place in the large areas of the country that are dealing with flooding?
Which groups/agencies are doing the assessments?
What forms are they using?


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Mr. Anderson -

If by Sayer you mean the Sayre Fire (aka Sylmar Fire)  in 2008, I suspect things might have changed significantly since then, I've been deploying on the big fires we've been having up here in NorCal and the Red Cross, to the best of my knowledge, has not been deploying any teams, Red Cross or Event Based Volunteers (EBVs) to assess damage. Rather that appears to be firmly in the hands of CalFire and FEMA now (clearly the case for the Carr and Camp Fires).

In direct conversation with and idea solicitation of the prime movers in our region (i.e., Disaster Program Managers), the forms/templates/whatever anyone wants to call them now in the flmsg library represent the information that would be authored by Red Cross personnel and have to be communicated between a service site and the Disaster Operations Center.

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