Re: %20flmsg%204.0.10%20&%20American%20Red%20Cross

david flad

Dave generally follows the latest, current guidance on this sort of thing, and in the release notes, it was mentioned INTERNAL ARC forms were removed. This suggests perhaps that is why things might have done — they are not intended for general use or have been replaced/removed from actual use.

Amateur radio operators responding as ARES volunteers would be expected to take information from specific sources and relay to their respective served agency(ies). In the fire/ disaster scenario, this would likely be the local, regional, state or federal emergency management team(s).

No matter what the situation, as an individual ARC volunteer, you could choose to get the forms you are “allowed/expected” to complete from the ARC directly, amd manage them as part of your own specific setup. It’s one of the reasons the custom forms capability is provided in flmsg. It avoids the need to manage/maintain/track evey possible form used by the many different served agencies out there.


David Flad / KB3YCK
Emergency Coordinator
Chester County ARES/RACES

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