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B Anderson

My 2 cents

I would recommend keeping it

#1 Is there any "cost" in terms of space or functionality keeping it? 
     If not, why not keep it

#2 I was taught "First In / First Out" when responses are being allocated, and that includes insurance claims
After the Sayer Fire, one of our team was sent by ARC to assess the damage
There was so little left it was difficult or impossible to know the address
This is the form he used

He did not need to use NBEMS as the surrounding infrastructure had not been compromised

After a major earthquake, the ARC Form 5739 will probably be the best way to share detailed/granular information that can be tabulated

On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 2:58 PM John Lemmer W6FQX <w6fqx@...> wrote:
Removal of ARC Form 5739 from the current version of flmsg (4.0.10) should be reconsidered.  In my opinion, this is the format in which the magnitude of the disaster is first assessed and ham radio operators may be first on the scene well before a Red Cross shelter operation is commenced.  There have been some changes made to Form 5739 over the years although the essential information is basically the same.
The new forms to be downloaded are applicable primarily to shelter operations.  I noticed these forms were coded in html4 which precludes the pop-up date calendar and time selector in html5 as well as other format input types.  I also noticed that some forms contain selection boxes which were incorrectly coded as checkboxes and not as radio buttons in which only one of a set could be selected.
Although Dave does indicate that the new html forms are CUSTOM forms with the correct folder location, the other information, including the zip file, calls them templates -- which is incorrect.  I believe that true templates would be called up from a Plaintext form selection while the html forms would be called up from a CUSTOM form selection.
Incidentally it is only necessary to download the zip file, not each form individually.
The old "Welfare" form is essentially the "Safe and Well" form in the new custom set but neither one directly addresses the Red Cross Safe and Well internet entry.  I would hope that there would be some way that a html delivery of the Safe and Well form could be directly transferred to the Red Cross internet site and not require retyping all the same information.  I do not have the knowledge to do this.
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B Anderson
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