fldigi, no transmit. flrig no connection Raspberry Pi 3B+

Ken K

I need some help making both of these programs work with my Raspberry Pi 3B+
Radio: IC-746 (This radio has Cat Command for Transmit)
My preference would be flrig. I am interested in a remote internet station.
I ran one for many years in Windows with skype for audio, HamRadioDeluxe
for rig control and either Teamviwer or VNC to control a laptop with HamRadioDeluxe.

The only partial success I have had is with fldigi using RigCat, ic-746.xml file.
Hamlib did not work. I did get erratic jumping of the fldigi display. Tried several combos of RTS/DTR, no luck.
Using ic-746.xml  lets me control the radio but NO transmit capabilities.  I am not using
it for digital modes my long term goal is to make a remote internet station
similar to the new RigPi.

I have tried flrig.  The very first time I tried it I had control of the radio as well as transmit.
I later found a setting in fldigi that allows flrig to take control of fldigi.  That actually
worked and now I could get transmit from either clicking the TX button on fldigi or the PTT
on flrig. 

The next day I started using mumble for voip.  After finally having some success
I opened flrig and fldigi and noticed I was back to square one. I did do a SAVE when it was working.
The only workable condition is using just fldigi with ic746 .xml with NO transmit capabilities.
flrig other than opening the program does nothing.  

I have had no luck with the manuals for flrig or fldigi.
flrig 1.3.26
fldigi 3.23.14

I have little Linux experience other than following known workable step by steps.
I used synatpic package installer which has worked on other programs so far.
I always do an update and upgrade prior to installing anything new in the terminal

I have used HamRadioDeluxe in Windows for years and I am familiar with terms like RTS,DTR
com ports in Windows as well as PTT requirements when using a serial port for PTT.
My ic-746 using the CAT command for TX works.  This is the reason I wanted to use the IC-746
to simplify the install (NO PTT add on circuit needed)
My interface is a USB to TTL for icom. It does work with fldig since I can change frequency
modes, just NO transmit. 

Could use a little guidance with this.

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