Re: flrig posted

Marty Hartwell

Hi Bruce

I just looked at my version of Flrig, not the one posted here, and see the IC706MKII shown, have you tried

to use that configuration to see if it will work with the IC706. Or if  you have a manual you may be able to

find the area of the source could where the 706 is and using the 706MKII manual adjust the communication

and recompile.

Just a thought.

Marty kd8bj

On 6/15/19 8:15 AM, BruceN wrote:
Will flrig ever use the XML rig description files that fldigi uses.  I have an Icom 706
that is not recognized by flrig but is by fldigi.  Puts a crimp my operating with the 706.

Bruce, K4TQL

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