Re: May 23 ARRL/ARC Exercise

Bruce Bohannon WA1YZN

Steve, never heard a thing about it.

Bruce WA1YZN

Swanzey, NH

On 5/26/2019 3:14 PM, Steve Hansen wrote:
I'm curious if any other members of this group participated in the May 23 ARRL/Red Cross exercise. This "infrastructure-free" exercise involved the participation of portable stations around the eastern US to send flmsg forms (standard flmsg form 5739) to Newington. Newington would then relay the received messages to a stations set up at the Red Cross in Baltimore. Participating sections included those in the northeast (New England and New York) and perhaps several other sections further down the coast. Net ops were on SSB voice and the flmsg forms were sent on the digital portions of the bands (80/40/20) using MT63-1000S.

We had 3 groups in Maine participating. Having net control on voice made things difficult as copy was very poor to non-existent. My group did copy some of the call up and checked in but it's not clear it was acknowledged. We and one other group never sent anything although we copied digital traffic from MA and the other Maine team. Having the mode/frequency split between net ops and file transfer worked against us.

73, Steve KB1TCE

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