8PSK on 2 meters


We run aa small fldigi/flmsg practice net on 2 meters.  Our workhorse mode has been MT63-2000L, but we have been exploring 8PSK and have been amazed by the increased speed (recognizing we give up the  error correction of MT63).

Here's my problem:  I used to have no problem decoding 8PSK 1200F until a few weeks ago.  Now I can't decode 1200F, although usually 1000F still works (most of the time).   None of the others on the net have this problem, and they can readily decode my 1200F transmissions.

I am running fldigi 4.1.03 and flmsg 4.0.8 on Windows 10.

Sometimes I get only gibberish, other times I see the text in the yellow screen, but no "wrap" at the beginning and hence no coupling to flmsg and my browser.

This has me baffled, and any thoughts would be appreciated.

Klaus K6KHB

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