Modem Macro not working

W. T. Jones <wn3lif@...>

Good Evening All,

I usually put a modem command in my macros so that I switch back to Thor22 as NCS for typing.
Last Thursday night I noticed that I was not switching modes after sending in Flamp. So I put a quick macro together to test it.

This is the macro...

Fldigi was in 8PSK1200F modem. The macro should have changed the modem to Thor 22. The <!DIGI> reported 8PSK1200F and Fldigi's status line at the bottom reported 8PSK1200F as well. Tested with other modems and the same results. The MACRO command in the modem did not change the modem.

If the modem command is changed to inline execution it works.

System: Ubuntu 18.04LTS (latest patches)
Also tested on Windows 10 - same results.
Downloaded the Alpha and tested on Ubuntu with the same results.

Anyone else seeing this behavior?


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