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The other thing I do is "maximize" the Fldigi main window.  This seems to help resize many of the UI controls so that it can mostly fit within the 7" screen 800x480.  I do still have to use the alt-mouse trick to move the FLdigi window up so that it covers the Raspbian main menu bar across the top of the screen.  If I am running FLdigi, I really don't need access to the Raspbian top bar all that often.  When I do, I just alt-mouse to nudge the maximized window down.

Aaron, you are correct, now that I recall, the geometry switch setting only helped somewhat.  Other apps, like wsjtx, seem better at resizing to fit smaller form factors than FLdigi.


On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 6:07 PM Aaron Jones <aaron@...> wrote:


thanks for the feedback.  I find that no matter how i set my command line switch I can't get below the minimum geometry of 800x600. 

HOWEVER - the alt key + mouse click to move the window helps a ton, I did not know that linux feature. 

Thanks again.



On 5/7/2019 1:14 PM, Brian wrote:
I have the same setup as you and here is what I found works:
1. Change the geometry when you startup FLxxx programs.  Most FLxxx programs support a -g switch.  See for the command line switch.  I set mine to 750x480 (e.g., fldigi -g 750x400)
2. Use the alt key and the mouse to move the window around.  This is a Linux thing, not an FLxxx thing.  See this link for an explanation:


On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 2:46 PM Aaron Jones <aaron@...> wrote:

I researched this a bit but couldn't find a thread specifically to use of the Raspberry PI3 and the Raspberry PI 7" touchscreen.  The max you can run the screen at is 800x600 resolution which is pretty small.  I have been able to resize the FLDIG interface such that everything fits by using fewer macro rows and smaller fonts.  However, when I run FLMSG I cannot get the full screen to fit so if I try to use ARQ when you open  the ARQ inteface on FLMSG it goes below the screen, moving the window as far above the title bar as you can move with the mouse allows a partial view.  Is there a way to allow screens to be further sizeable vertically below current limits?

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