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On 4/14/19 9:36 AM, Robie wrote:

Here's some info that will help you understand what I'm doing and what is happening:

1. I use windows 10 operating system.
2. I use N1MM + for contesting and DXLabs as my master logging program
3. I use a WinKeyer for my logging program to rig CW interface - all programs
4. I built a MORTTY to evaluate as a possible replacement for the winkeyer due to its small size and lower cost. I have successfully used it with N1MM+ and DXLabs
5. The "sketch" that is loaded into my MORTTY is a "winkeyer emulator" as I understand. It is named CW Keyer sketch on the MORTTY web page.
6, N1MM+ and DXLabs recognize the MORTTY as a "winkeyer" and work well
7. I am evaluating FLDIGI (4.0.02) as a possible program to put in my "tool kit" of ham radio software. I saw that FLDIGI will connect to a winkeyer, so I figured that it would recognize my MORTTY like the other programs do, so I tried it. and have some issues.
8. With FLDIGI configured for winkeyer on COM 3, I get the following on startup of the program

9. I close the window that shows this message and  open configure/operating/winkeyer and find that the port has been set to NONE

10. I change NONE to COM 3, press connect and  close

11. the MORTTY responds properly and sends CW correctly. Macros, keyboard CW and speed control all work properly.

12.  I have to repeat steps 8-11 each time I open FLDIGI.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Robie - AJ4F

Try Save and then Close. Under the Configuration tab select Save Config.


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