FLAmp on VHF through linked repeaters

Bart N5BLP

I participate in a digi net that works VHF on a linked repeater system with four repeaters.  They mostly do FLMsg traffic, but I've tried to send FLAmp traffic on it.

It just doesn't seem to work as well as it does on HF (which, of course, is simplex). For a nice, clean signal environment it drops a lot of blocks.  Some operators eventually get it completed when I retransmit the missing blocks, and others don't. 

We've done everything we can to cope with the repeater environment.  We've enable TX/RX interval so the repeaters don't time out, use a 2.5 second pre-signal tone on the RSID, and have the SignaLink delay set to about 60%. 

FLMsg works pretty well (although sometimes parts of it get scrambled), but FLAmp just doesn't seem to.  Is there something about the way FLAmp does it's error checking that isn't compatible with a linked repeater environment?  Has anyone else ever tried it over linked repeaters?

Bart N5BLP

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