Re: Problem with FLdigi & FLmsg

David Ranch

Hello Ralph,

You need to give more details:

   - What OS and version are you running?

   - What versions of Fldigi, Flmsg, etc?  Be sure to be running the current version if possible.

   - IN Fldigi: Configuration --> Misc --> NBEMS, what do you have set here?  I have:
     - NBEMS data file interface: enabled
     - Open message foler: disabled
     - Transfer direct to executing flmsg: enabled
     - open with flmsg: enabled
     - open is browser: disabled


On 04/06/2019 10:57 AM, Ralph Alden Brigham wrote:
	Hello All,

	I have been having a problem with my FLdigi suite.

	Whenever I get a message via FLmsg, I have the following situation:

	After I get the pop-up,  I find and see two sessions of FLmsg running and 
also starts printing an .xml file into the receive block and transmitting a 
signal without my action.  Is there some auto-send mode active that I am not 
aware of?  I have to manually stop the transmission.  I have an ICOM 7100.

	This is my third or fourth attempt to get help from the group.  Assistance is 
greatly desired and appreciated!

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