Re: FLAMP New feature idea - maybe


Randy thanks for your comment. But I think you miss the point (forgive me if that sounds rude, not my intention).  

If you read through this thread, you will find that the consistent theme is to make this "postoffice" idea an integral part of NBEMS. THAT is the point of this idea.

While other products and combination of products may do something similar, we have put forth a notion that NBEMS should not be dependent on any other software outside the NBEMS suite. That is on purpose.

Where NBEMS is used in emergency situations (notice the name - Narrow Band EMERGENCY messaging software), there is no guarantee of media availability or number of relay stations. There may be no access to VHF/UHF repeaters, or WinLINK RMS stations that are reliable, or band conditions that support high speed digital traffic, or even Internet access. That media may have to come from non-affected areas at another location or on a different band entirely.

We contend that if we are to make an add-in product for use by NBEMS, it should be fully integrated with and non-dependent on anything other than FLDIGI/FLAMP/FLMSG/FLARQ (NBEMS).

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