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Comparison of HRD/DM780 to a combination of EasyTerm and Soundmodem is incorrect thinking.  EasyTerm has KISS interface and ability to transmit using FLDIGI.  See this link:  It currently does not support ax25 with FLDIGI however.


UZ7HO Soundmodem is a soundcard TNC to operate packet radio with the same hardware setup you have for NBEMS.  As noted here:

      Another option for HF packet is the UZ7HO modem (free)…... 


I have not personally tried HF packet but this program combination does work on VHF and using these programs you do have error correction.  


I don’t discourage adding to NBEMS but you can try sound card packet radio operations with your current hardware and work from there without reinventing the entire wheel.





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Randy thanks for your update.

Bear in mind we are talking about NBEMS alone. Enhancements to it. Or additions that make these functions work with NBEMS. It is like saying that HRD/DM780 are the same as NBEMS. Not if you want error free messages. That is why we use FLDIGI/FLMSG/FLAMP (i.e. NBEMS).
Any message handled should be received/sent error free in an emergency situation as fast as conditions will allow.

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