Yaesu FT-897D New In The Box


We do not usually post for sale items on this group, but Toney, K2MO, has a never used FT-897D for sale that would be a great buy for use on the digital modes.  The FT-897D is fully supported by fldigi and flrig.  I would snap this one up myself, but I already have more than one two three ... many rigs.



I purchased a new unopened box Yaesu FT-897D from an estate sale. It came with the FP-30 A/C power supply and a Yaesu 300 Hz CW filter that was also unopened in the box. I tested the radio and it looks and functions like a new transceiver.

It's an all-mode HF, 50/144/430 MHz transceiver that comes with 60 meters and the TXCO from the factory. It can be used with internal batteries or the internal FP-30 A/C power supply that it came with.

I can provide pictures for those interested. My email address is: dxdx@...

Tony -K2MO

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