Re: FLAMP New feature idea - maybe


Modes like FSQ and IFKP are fun and work great.
However, they are of little practical use in the concept discussed here. We need to leverage the fastest and most reliable mode FLDIGI can provide for conditions in order to handle high traffic situations. This is often the case in a disaster where there is a lot of ICS or H&W traffic that needs to be moved. Support organizations like The Salvation Army, or Red Cross may want to use this concept to move H&W messages out of the area quickly to a remote station that is online.

Once again the concept is to make NBEMS less reliant on other software and media and to leverage the strong aspects of FLAMP. Since NBEMS is available on almost all platforms including Raspberry Pi (Raspian) it is also economically more desirable than SCS modes or hardware TNC equipment.

ARIM is a good messaging program and works well on the Linux platform with LinBPQ but is not part of NBEMS and requires a modem like ARDOP or direwolf. The goal is to make a good fit in NBEMS and be independent of other software.

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