Re: FLAMP New feature idea - maybe


Yes functionally, BPQ32 and LinBPQ are both data directors.

The problem is what to do with the data (a message) after FLDIGI decodes and passes it to BPQ32. For mail that could be AirMail or ARIM for LinBPQ. But if you review my original post the purpose exceeds those simple functionality of most mail clients.

Additionally, the idea is to be self-contained so that there is no internal reliance on Internet mail or WinLINK. My initial concept was to use FLAMP to decode the message error free, get the "postoffice" token and perform the sort and store functions for "mail" or other type messages.

In WinLINK-Like terms, this is sort of like RMS Relay. Except it uses FLDIGI as the modem and not WinMOR or ARDOP. The Internet could be used for a email destination, but not for broadcast to the group and not for another ham on that frequency, possibly a group member.

Remember not all messages are email. Some may be reports (like ICDS-213or 214) or plaintext messages of any type destined for another station nearby.

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