FLAMP New feature idea - maybe


From time to time it would be nice to have the ability to put FLAMP into what I call "postoffice mode".
It would operate something like this:
    A single station would be the "postmaster" with FLAMP in this mode. It may operate attended or unattended.
    Any station with a need to send messages to the "postmaster" for all stations or to a single station can put their FLAMP in the same mode and indicate if the destination is another
    station or for "postmaster" to broadcast to all stations.
    FLAMP in "postmaster" mode would save the message sent in a special folder and periodically check for messages.
    If messages are in the send-all folder, they should be broadcast at the pre-configured interval until removed. If any in the send-one folder then sent to the recipient when that
    station is acknowledged or forwarded to destination if Internet bound.
   The prerequisite is that all stations would have to be on the version of FLAMP that supports it and know to put FLAMP in "postal" mode to function that way and a "postmaster"
   would need Internet access to be most effective.

The justification for this feature is to allow ad-hoc operation of a group of stations that can pass messages peer-to-peer in any mode of choosing and provide localized message store and forward over the wide area where WinLINK or PACKET is not accessible. This is sort of like PSKMail but within the FLDIGI/NBEMS software suite and in a limited user group.

There are a number of conceptual questions yet to be answered but I think this could be useful to groups like ARES and SATERN. I think it is worthy of discussion within this group. Or you can email me directly with questions.


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