Re: fldigi 4.1.01 release

Greg Siemasz <gregsiemasz@...>

I deleted all fldigi files on computer so I could get a "new install" and I got the control back of changing frequencies in Freg box. They matched every time. However, I did some cleaning in Registry too. Now the Waterfall is black and If turn up rec on SignaLink I start to see some blue but nothing like before. I even upped the below that controls rec up to 90 and I never had it up higher than 72. I have another sound card from Ten-Tec and it did the same thing also. So I don't think it's either sound interface. I ran Windows sfc /scannow to see if there were any files that need repair but it reported files were ok. I don't have another computer to check if fldigi would work on it. I even did a reset on my Ten-Tec and nothing changed. Also disable/enabled driver to see if that would help and it didn't change. Do you have any suggestions?

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