fldigi / flmsg Normal operation or bug??

Al Womelsdorf

For starters, I am new to this, so keep that in mind.

When I receive a wrap message (typically msk mode), the message arrives just fine, and if it is the first message since starting fldigi, it will automatically open flmsg to display the message. Any subsequent messages will not be shown in flmsg, but the second message will automatically open another window showing "received messages" (or something like that), and all subsequent messages will be listed there. Also, all messages are saved to disk, so there is no issue there. The question is: Is this the expected behavior? I can easily click and view any of these messages if I wish, but because the first message received is NOT listed, it makes it a big deal to go back to that one. Should this window open on the first message, and then list all messages?

I am running on Fedore 28, and all 4 main parts of fldigi are build locally from the alpha source directory (fldigi, flmsg, etc.)

Al   kd2pnr

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