Re: fldigi 4.1.01 release

Marty Hartwell


I just briefly tried this on my issue of Fldigi and don't see this action with no rig connected

or configured in rig control. What I have in the large frequency window on the left in blue matches

what is the the smaller window on the right labeled Freq with the difference in the frequency + or -

the amount in the waterfall window as expected.

My first question is do you have any check marks in any of the three rig control methods "Flrig,

RigCat, or Hamlib". In my case I usually use Flrig and had a check mark in that tab, but nothing else,

as expected, in the other two tabs. If there is a check mark in one of those tabs then Fldigi may be

expecting to see a connection on the serial port.

Other then that I have no other ideas.

Good Luck.

Marty kd8bj

On 2/28/19 1:20 PM, Greg Siemasz wrote:
Below are a couple of pic of my computer screen that explain what I am seeing in Fldigi 4.1.00
After I close the program with it on 14.070 it should load the next time but it doesn't. It opens on 7.070 instead.
This is done manually and not by any rig control.
I hope this helps.

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