Re: Waterfall much narrower than the visible range of the spectrum box

Bill Hamel

HI there,

Yep, I wish I was paying more attention to the series of events that fixed it, but it is working now.

Thanks again,

-bh k3tfm

On Feb 20, 2019, at 8:08 PM, Marty Hartwell <mhartwe@...> wrote:


This may not make much sense but maybe just entering and leaving the setup area

and looking around, not even clicking anything and then saving again curred it.

Just a thought.

Marty kd8bj

On 2/20/19 12:30 PM, Bill Hamel wrote:
Thank you for the reply.

Notch filter is OFF in the plain SSB modes (Non data) and is not an option when DATA-xSB is selected.

What I don’t understand right now is that it started working … when I saw your email I went into the 991a and checked the notch filter and manually changed the modes verifying that the notch filter would change the waterfall which it did on USB and LSB but not to the extent you see below.

So after I did this I took a break and shut everything down and when I fired everything back up is looked fine as I thought it should which had me scratching my head.

What’s strange is that I’ve shut everything down and up again several times during the natural course of the days and it never got any better.

Not sure what happened but I’m not complaining.

Thanks again for the email, it may not have been the answer but it helped getting the problem resolved. I’m just hoping it doesn’t resurface because I’m not sure what corrected it.

Thanks again
-bh k3tfm .

On Feb 20, 2019, at 7:31 AM, Gary <glhammer1970@... <mailto:glhammer1970@...>> wrote:

What radio are you using? Do you have any notch filtering set up???
*From:* <>[]*On Behalf Of*Bill Hamel
*Sent:*Wednesday, February 20, 2019 12:42 AM
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*Subject:*[nbems] Waterfall much narrower than the visible range of the spectrum box
Good evening. I am new to fldigi this may just be a newbie thing.
fldigi v4.1.00
Rig: Yaesu FT-991a
OS: MAC OS X 10.13.6
Digi Mode: BPSK31
With the FT-991a mode set to DATA-LSB (or DATA-USB) the width of the waterfall goes from 700 to 1300, if I switch to LSB or USB the waterfall covers the entire spectrum area which my view currently sees from 0 to 2700.
DATA-LSB or DATA-USB is the mode required for BPSK according to the Ft-991’s manual.
Is this the expected operation ?
It seems to me that I should be seeing the entire range of the spectrum that is in view or scrollable view.
Any insight greatly appreciated.
This is what I’m seeing.
Thank you in advance,
Bill Hamel, K3TFM

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