Re: fldigi 4.1.01 release


Just had our first 1 hour interval without rain and thunderstorms in the past 48 hours.  I tested flamp 2.2.04 and fldigi 4.1.01 with multiple file transfers.  Both running on Linux Mint 18.3 / 32 bit.
  • 8psk125
  • file 1 800 bytes
  • file 2 2000 bytes
Used the "Xmt All" button on the Transmit tab of flamp dialog.  No issues with timeouts etc.

I am going to need more information on your h/w and s/w setup.
  • Computer h/w and operation system (version)
  • Transceiver
  • Audio interface
  • flamp version
  • fldigi version
  • copy of fldigi configuration file (fldigi_def.xml)
  • copy of flamp configuration file (FLAMP.prefs)
  • copies of candidate files being transferred
Send info and files direct to w1hkj at bellsouth dot net.


On 2/19/19 5:29 PM, Mike P. wrote:

Dave, I'm getting the same flamp problem. On a multi-file
transmission with at least two passes, the second pass on
the second file stops after a few lines.  Happens on any
op-mode, compressed or non-compressed.


--- Mike Pompey, AE7XB
    Port Orchard, Washington state

On 19 Feb 2019 at 21:49, Kenneth C Miller via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi Dave,

I have had a problem with your last two versions while xmiting compressed files via FLamp.� I get
seven lines of data sent and then get a extended line length followed by a skipping of several
Going back to using version 4.01.00 no problems working with FLamp 2.2.04.�

Running Windows 8.1 on Toshiba laptop.�

73 de Ken, K7IFG

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