Re: fldigi 4.1.01 release

Kenneth C Miller

Hi Dave,

I have had a problem with your last two versions while xmiting compressed files via FLamp.  I get about
seven lines of data sent and then get a extended line length followed by a skipping of several lines.
Going back to using version 4.01.00 no problems working with FLamp 2.2.04. 

Running Windows 8.1 on Toshiba laptop. 

73 de Ken, K7IFG

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Subject: [nbems] fldigi 4.1.01 release

Download at :

or Source Forge.

Version 4.1.01 - Maintenance release

  CW h/w ptt
    allow disabling CAT ptt when using external CW keyer such as nanoIO.

    Bug fix to CW interface

  NAVTEX abort
    remove abort() statements from navtext afc processing
    fix serious bug which allowed fft filters to be destroyed during
    signal processing

  WF only bug fix

    Adif export missing <MODE:n> <SUBMODE:n>

  Pedantic warnings
    correct additional gcc warnings

    Add 'possible dup' to logic with corresponding possible dup color
      dup color to CALL controls
    Separate N3FJP duplicate query from response
      response time was a part of keyboard input processing

  ADIF submode
    Add submode support
      export both MODE and SUBMODE to external loggers iaw
      ADIF spec 3.04
    change interface to QRZ XML service version 1.33

  SV1GRB test report
    Corrections based on Haris' testing of 4.1.00
    Add "NONE" or "N/A" to State and County pick lists

  SD counties
    sort alphabetically

This release does not include changes needed to give https access to METAR data.

73, David, W1HKJ

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